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Everyone knows that change only occurs when you put quality learning into practice.
With 25 years under her belt, it seemed a shame not to provide access to all this experience.
Welcome to The Learning Lab. One of the most useful neuroscience resources, where years of common and uncommon questions are answered all in one place saving hours of searching for solutions to issues that have probably come up before.

the learning lab

Each answer takes the participant to a deeper level than ever before with a whole host of resources at your disposal:

  • A monthly group call – a neuroscience live deep dive into a topic that is popular and important for your work.
  • The emphasis will be on learning and doing, so that you can apply this new knowledge with confidence and relevance.
  • A monthly bulletin of the latest neuroscientific research so that you can stay up-to-date. Lynda does the work and you shine! Brilliant.
  • Blogs written by Lynda that she will send you direct so that you don’t miss anything.
  • Access to the ever-increasing Resource Vault.
  • Ready made mind maps for you to use as easy reference.
  • And very importantly, be part of a vibrant community of like-minded people who want to be kept up to speed with research and what that means to your business. The networking will be huge fun too!

The Learning Lab is a resource I just wouldn’t want to be without. The monthly call’s where Lynda takes a deep dive into an aspect of neuroscience are invaluable. They help me to keep up to date, relevant and informed; it’s like being part of a mastermind group with discussions around the topic that help me to think around the subject in ways I wouldn’t have done on my own.

Sally Hindmarch, Founder of Partners With You, Trainer, Author, Mentor

After completing the Neuroscience Professional Diploma, I knew that I wanted to continue my professional learning. It seemed a no brainer to join Lynda's Learning Lab as one of her founding members and I have been wowed every single time. There is so much to learn about our delightful brain and Lynda teaches us in a way that we can apply within our own life and also use with our clients. Every month we meet to dive deeper into a topic, and I come away with so much value. I cannot ever remember feeling this excited about the brain and how it functions. Lynda teaches with compassion to ensure we are all on board, and she always makes sure that we understand. I also love that we can all bring our own ideas, experiences too. Lynda has created a wonderful safe space for us to all learn and evolve. Thankyou Lynda.

Lorraine Stamp, Managing Director of You’ll Know When You Get There

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