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Consciousness is a seductive conundrum that has tantalised and perplexed some of the greatest minds throughout history. There are no answers, just plenty of mystery! Studying these mysteries is a driving force for human inquiry, contributing to innovation and the enrichment of both individual and collective understanding.

If you’re looking for: intellectual stimulation, innovation and discovery, cultural and historical understanding, motivation and inspiration, entertainment and storytelling and uncovering hidden truths and scientific process, then The Growing Through Consciousness Academy is for you!

A professor once told Lynda “The absence of evidence does not mean the evidence of absence.” So, come along with an open mind for philosophical insights, neuroscientific advances, interdisciplinary collaboration, and even AI.


Why Lynda?

Dr Lynda Shaw has been reading about consciousness since she was 14 years old. Her doctorate was researching unconscious processing of emotion using fMRI scanning equipment alongside behavioural studies. Lynda has presented her research at Towards a Science of Consciousness biannual conference in Tucson, Arizona (an incredible experience!).

How the Growing Through Consciousness Academy came to be

“A while ago I took my husband to stay in a lighthouse for his birthday.  It was in a strange place full of mystery and openness to the unknown.

We went up to see the light at the top of the building and were surprised to see what looked like an octangle seat around the light.  There were three slivers of wood on each eighth and on each piece of wood was a brass plate with a name on. Names like Carl Jung, Da Vinci, Einstein and so on. I sat there for ages trying to work out what all these genius brains had in common living 100s of years apart.

I couldn’t work it out, so I asked the owner of the lighthouse.

It transpired that all these names belonged to the same society for people to discuss the unexplained.  Da Vinci even had a drawing to create a machine to speak to extra-terrestrial beings.

I was fascinated and immediately joined the society out of a burning curiosity.

Sadly, it wasn’t what I expected but the fire was stoked from those original embers of when I was 14 years old and reading about consciousness. Even my doctorate was researching unconscious processing of emotion using fMRI scanning equipment.

Professor of Anthropology, Christina Torren, told me many years ago that the ‘absence of evidence doesn’t mean the evidence of absence’.

I became so excited.  Consciousness is the last frontier in the known universe.  Some call it the soul or the essence.  Whatever you call it, it’s the most delicious conundrum I have come across.

And so, the Learning Lab became The Growing Through Consciousness Academy. And our journey began…”

Join Us

To get your monthly inspiration, join The Growing Through Consciousness Academy every third Thursday of the month, 18:00 – 19:30 on Zoom. Lynda will present relevant findings and then the discussions and fun begin!

Great session! I am so glad I am on this journey with you and not through other channels. Thank you, you inspiring lovely person.


The Growing Through Consciousness Academy is a resource I just wouldn’t want to be without. The monthly call’s where Lynda takes a deep dive into an aspect of neuroscience are invaluable. They help me to keep up to date, relevant and informed; it’s like being part of a mastermind group with discussions around the topic that help me to think around the subject in ways I wouldn’t have done on my own. Run by an amazing lady, a fascinating topic and a wonderful peer group to boot! Thank you Lynda!

Sally Hindmarch, Founder of Partners With You, Trainer, Author, Mentor

After completing the Neuroscience Professional Diploma, I knew that I wanted to continue my professional learning. It seemed a no brainer to join Lynda's Growing Through Consciousness Academy as one of her founding members and I have been wowed every single time. There is so much to learn about our delightful brain and Lynda teaches us in a way that we can apply within our own life and also use with our clients. Every month we meet to dive deeper into a topic, and I come away with so much value. I cannot ever remember feeling this excited about the brain and how it functions. Lynda teaches with compassion to ensure we are all on board, and she always makes sure that we understand. I also love that we can all bring our own ideas, experiences too. Lynda has created a wonderful safe space for us to all learn and evolve. Thank you Lynda.

Lorraine Stamp, Managing Director of You’ll Know When You Get There

I joined it as I am a firm believer in continuous learning, and the field of neuroscience in particular is constantly adding more findings, greater depth and further context to what we think we already know. Lynda navigates all of this on our behalf.


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