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Are you a manager of people, a coach, a speaker, a trainer or someone else who motivates and influences others?  Then read on.

With so much to share and a desire to make a difference, we are dedicated to making our work as accessible to as wide an audience as possible. If you have a clear desire to make a positive change in behaviour, you can now access proven online programmes that will direct you through all the key steps to make your business life and personal life more fulfilling in the knowledge that the neuroscience behind it really works.

We offer practical, relevant insights to help you be more influential, more credible, and far more effective in your work and personal life.

  • The unique highly personalised online The British Psychological Society (BPS) approved Neuroscience Professional Development Programme (NPDP) will fast track your understanding of how the brain works and how you can adapt and use it in your specific work environment..
  • Or is you prefer to learn about the brain under your own steam, then the Self-Learn NPDP is for you.  Your agenda, your focus, your pace.
  • Plus we have the ever-popular Learning Lab.  A monthly membership to join a group of like-minded people with a life-long focus to learn about the latest findings in neuroscience and how this can develop business relationships moving forward.

If you’re thinking of enrolling on Lynda’s neuroscience programme, do it! It is so relevant to all of our everyday interactions with people, not just in business, but in our private lives too. Lynda brings the subject to life admirably with her energy and enthusiasm and makes herself available to answer all our questions, even the silly ones! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained a huge amount from it. I’m now applying this new knowledge on a daily basis to improve my client and staff interactions, and outside of work too. I even felt it increased my energy levels, which was a very welcome bonus. Make sure you fully engage with the programme though – just like everything in life, you get out what you put in.

Brian Jukes, Tax Partner

I came to the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme as a complete novice when it came to understanding neuroscience let alone applying it to the world of work. Lynda's course is easy to follow, full of rich content and the opportunity to ask her all your questions in the group sessions and 1-2-1 is invaluable. I feel far more confident being able to refer to neuroscience facts and research when working with coaching clients.

Steve Bustin, The Go-To Event Compere and Top Public Speaker Coach

Joining Dr. Shaw's Neuroscience Professional Develpment Programme was one of the best decisions I made this year! She is extraordinary at taking complex concepts and making it conscience and easy to understand (even for someone like me who failed Psychology in college twice lol). In the short time I worked with Dr. Shaw, I have observed her incredible expertise with regard to neuroscience and practical ways to apply that knowledge effectively in a business environment. She is professional, kind, has a great sense of humour, and ensures a successful outcome for every single person in her course. I highly recommend Dr. Shaw and the NPDP to anyone looking to level up in knowledge, life and business!

Sid Chawla, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

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