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Understanding neuroscience
changes everything

With so much to share and a desire to make a difference, we are dedicated to making our work as accessible to as wide an audience as possible. For those of you with a clear desire to make a positive change in behaviour, you can now access a proven online programme that will direct you through all the key steps to make your business life and personal life more fulfilling in the knowledge that the neuroscience behind it really works.

  • The unique online BPS-approved Neuroscience Professional Development Programme (NPDP) will fast track your understanding of how the brain works and how you can adapt and use it in your specific work environment.
  • Become a part of a small exclusive community from whom you can get support and gain additional learnings.
  • This exciting programme turns proven theory into practical applications that will give you the confidence to use learnings about the brain and psychology throughout your work.
  • With this new-found knowledge, you can apply it directly to your own work and enhance how you add value to others.

Upon Completion you will have:

  • Mastered relevant applied neuroscience for your needs (with a little psychology and social anthropology included for good measure)
  • Learnt about your brain and how to interact even better with colleagues and clients.
  • Discovered ways to increase brain health and emotional well-being
  • Found ways to empower yourself and make yourself shine as brightly as you would like.
  • Using up-to-date, practical and easy-to-use neuroscience with your clients means you can win more business and be equipped to deliver even more value.

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NPDP with Dr Lynda Shaw


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NPDP with Dr Lynda Shaw (Early Bird)


All costs are ex. VAT and dates
will be shown during the next step
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Lifelong Learning with
The Learning Lab

Everyone knows that change only occurs when you put quality learning into practice.
With 25 years under her belt, it seemed a shame not to provide access to all this experience.

Welcome to the Learning Lab. One of the most useful neuroscience resources, where
years of common and uncommon questions are answered all in one place saving hours of
searching for solutions to issues that have probably come up before.

Each answer takes the informed to a deeper level than ever before with a whole
host of resources at your disposal:

the learning lab

  • A monthly group call – a neuroscience live deep dive into a topic that is popular and important for your work.
  • The emphasis will be on learning and doing so that you can apply this new knowledge with confidence and relevance.
  • A monthly bulletin of the latest neuroscientific research so that you can stay up-to-date. I do the work and you shine! Brilliant.
  • Plus a dedicated FB group where we consolidate learnings.
  • Blogs written by me that I will send you direct so that you don’t miss anything.
  • Access to the ever-increasing Resource Vault.
  • Ready made mind maps for you to use as easy reference.
  • And very importantly, be part of a vibrant community of like-minded people who want to be kept up to speed with research and what that means to your business. The networking will be huge fun too!

It’s simple to join and the investment will pay dividends

Non-NPDP Alumni members £145 (+VAT) per month
NPDP Alumni members £75 (+VAT) per month
(one month’s notice)

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Neuroscience holds the key to better relationships

Once one gets it, others will get it too. The impact on work and indeed life can be profound. Banish toxicity, create empathy, motivate everyone and most of all develop a culture of relationships and collaborative behaviour.
Now there’s a thought.

Kickstart better relationships with a masterclass workshop here

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Where Neuroscience made a difference


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