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NPDP Programme

The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme (accredited by the British Psychological Society for 12 CPD credits).

If you want practical skills, theoretical confidence and authoritative presence, then you will love this course.  

The reason for setting up the NPDP is because so many people continue to ask me to, which stems from their desire to stop talking about ‘neuromyths’ (I hear many talking about neuroscience incorrectly and they are in danger of losing credibility) and to properly learn how to reference and use solid neuroscience research when working with their clients.  This really is a solid fast track in brain speak to enhance your work and you will benefit enormously from me distilling my 9 years of full-time study and research at university and many many years of experience.

Brain science can persuade the most cynical client to change for the better and when it’s delivered with conviction and confidence that your knowledge of the brain is sound, you can’t help but succeed even more.  And of course, there is the added benefit of understanding your own brain as well.

My style is to always be as practical as possible, so part of each session will be guided by you to make sure I’m giving everything you need.  This is why the sessions are restricted to 15 people max.   So the core benefits are:

  • that all neuroscience information is up to date, practical and easy to use with your clients to both win more business and equip you to deliver even more value;
  • that you will be part of a small exclusive community who can support and gain additional learnings from one another;
  • and I will be there to support you between sessions via email and phone any time you wish, a real personal service.

Outline of the course:

 Session One –

  • How to talk about the brain to clients
  • So what?  It’s all interesting but how do I apply it?
  • Basic anatomy for understanding and credibility when asked questions
  • Ways to explain the way the brain communicates and rewires

 Session Two –

  • Valuable lessons in the cognitive and emotional brain
  • How to improve decision making, judgements and improve attention
  • How to leverage the way emotions and thinking work together
  • How to teach this to your clients for improved performance at work

 Session Three –

  • The unconscious brain
  • Multi-tasking and being effective
  • How to use unconscious bias for the better and recognise what is not said
  • How to nurture lightbulb moments and turn into action

 Session Four –

  • How to change behaviour
  • Understand how we make habit
  • How to replace hold habits with better ones
  • How to motivate the most stubborn

 Session Five –

  • The healthy brain
  • How to feed it, work it, rest it and let it play
  • Does the brain decline with age? Not necessarily. Learn what really happens in the brain as we age and tap into greater wisdom
  • How to leverage the ageing brain for a brighter future

 Session Six –

  • Nurturing creativity for better prospects for the future
  • How to stimulate those Aha! moments
  • How to use them to guarantee your continued value in the workplace
  • How to us all of this with your clients


Payment terms are for all six in advance as a one off payment which is £1200 + VAT.  I limit all programmes to just 15 people so that I can make sure you all have the best personal attention from me.

This includes, the very full practical 6 sessions (approx 36 videos and zoom calls), back up material, unlimited email support with me and phone calls, a select exclusive community to belong to moving forward.

There is a bonus of automatically becoming a member of the Alumni group, so that you can enjoy unlimited viewings of the videos and updates from me.  This means a lifetime access to the videos and NPDP community.

PLUS fortnightly updates will land in your inbox.

PLUS PLUS discounted membership to the deep dive Learning Lab if you wish.

The live calls are for the group via zoom and last approx 90 mins at 18.00 BST/GMT.

This will then be followed by an optional online assessment.  The pass mark is 75% for you to get the CPD accredited by the British Psychological Society.

I hope you join us. Click on the book now button.

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I thought I already knew about the brain, but Dr Lynda Shaw’s programme has blown me away.  She has not only taught me some highly valuable things but also gave me great ideas for how to use them in my speaking, coaching and training business.  Thank you so much for being clever, empowering and patient.

Pam Burrows, The People Booster,
Confidence and Wellness Speaker

Over the last 20 years my work in people development has focused more and more on the brain and more specifically neuroscience.  I love this topic and have already been studying it for some time, but felt I can always learn more.  When I heard about the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme, I joined to double check my knowledge is up to date in this ever-changing field.  But WOW! my knowledge has been extended, my ideas challenged (in a good way) and I am now even more in love with this topic.

Rebecca Jones MA, PGCE.
Enterprise Consultant & Speaker and creator of ‘Stretchy Thinking’

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