Genius Mentoring

Unleashing your genius.

Are you sitting on a genius idea that you truly believe in, but struggle to communicate? Do you find it difficult to get your thoughts across in a credible way, or get funding for projects? In fact, do you generally have a problem with getting people to listen to you?

Dr Lynda Shaw can help.

Together, we’ll improve your ability to communicate with clarity and influence, ensuring your message is heard.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to have those business conversations. Lynda was able to guide me on how to introduce ideas and comments without antagonising. Lynda understood people and how their brain works providing me with the opportunity to build the business relationship positively. I was able to learn how to take her advice into other situations - a worthwhile engagement for business.


Wow wow wow... Did you know that our brain is so incredible, it took me 48 years to find out! If you haven't worked with Lynda before, can I mention it comes with a warning! You will be hooked... It's the best training and continued development I have ever done. I feel I have my own Neuroscience mentor right by my side. Lynda you are incredible and the work you do is super fascinating. Thank you so much for all the wisdom you have given me.


How you can work with Lynda:

  • 45-minute discovery call: are you and Lynda a good fit?
  • A one-off call
  • A weekly call for a month
  • A weekly call for three months
  • Ongoing support to meet your requirements

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Why Genius Mentoring?

“The other day I was looking at my very small grandchildren whom I adore, when I got a sudden pang of extreme sadness and fear. I imagined them being my age in a world that had been hurtling towards disaster for the last 50 years. And imagined them hating my generation for what we allowed to happen. I felt sick.

I recycle.  But it’s not enough. I try not to buy plastic. But it’s not enough. I actually mend things (never been heard of before!). But it’s not enough.

What we need are genius ideas and lots of them.  Sadly, I’m not a genius.  But I’m excellent at communicating and my expertise in neuroscience is unconscious processing.

That’s it!  That’s what I can do… I can help geniuses communicate their ideas and I can help those who don’t know they are geniuses, unlock their amazing ideas.

I can support people to secure funding and investment by showing them how to present their thoughts. I can support people in gaining supporters and not saboteurs (people are either one or the other even if they are passive). I can be their confidante, their mentor, their spare person who has their back.

That’s what I know I can do well… can I mentor you, so that our grandbabies may one day be proud of us?”

Neuroscience holds the key to better relationships

Once one gets it, others will get it too. The impact on work and indeed life can be profound. Banish toxicity, create empathy, motivate everyone, revitalise your genius and most of all develop a culture of relationships and collaborative behaviour.
Now there’s a thought.

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