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The voice of applied behavioural neuroscience

Looking for an inspiring speaker for your next event? Want to enthuse your audience and equip them with the knowledge to build better relationships and improve business success?

Dr Lynda Shaw is the voice of applied behavioural neuroscience; shedding light on how the brain affects your behaviour, and how your behaviour affects your brain. As a speaker, Lynda is known for breaking down the complexities of neuroscience, transforming them into easily understandable tools that can be used in our day-to-day lives. All Lynda’s talks are relevant, impactful, and practical, leaving audiences inspired to take what they’ve learnt to become more effective, productive, and influential in all their business relationships.

Lynda, the engagement during your session was fantastic! I managed to pick up a few tips on really getting the audience involved/ engaged, it worked on many levels.

Tony Stranack
Chief Technologist UKI & MESA, Adobe

Thank you so much for your very rewarding, compelling, interesting, warm and funny presentation last night. It was a real success.


Lynda was highly recommended to us and as such we asked her to speak at our Brighton Summit. After receiving some great feedback from attendees and lots of members regretting having missed her session, we decided it was essential to get her back for another event. Lynda then spoke at a one of our Spotlight Supper events. Her talk was very engaging and highly relevant to the audience. We could have taken questions all night! Lynda was a real pleasure to work, super friendly and easy going. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

Emily Jones
Programmes Producer, Wakehurst Place

I had the pleasure of being on a panel with Dr Lynda Shaw, and to say she is knowledgeable is an understatement. Lynda’s ability to breakdown the concepts of neuroscience and deliver it to journalists was impressive. I learned an awful lot in the short time through her fabulous style of delivery and presentation.


We had some very lively discussions and the audience left the session to go back and run their businesses in a totally different way. Lynda made it easy to understand and implement what she taught us. I would highly recommend Lynda as a speaker for any directors groups or high growth businesses… exciting and engaging, insightful and practical.

Jane Milton
Food Industry Expert

Lynda was fantastic! Prior to the session it was clear that Lynda wanted us to get the most from the session and tailored her talk and approach to the specific needs of the group. Delegate feedback included ‘amazing’ and ‘superb’. Lynda makes the tricky subject of neuroscience accessible, fun and really thought provoking. Her session was full of content but also tips and hint to make it real for the group with a really engaging style. I could listen to Lynda all day! I have no hesitation in recommending Lynda.

Toby Tennant
Principality Building Society

I heard many complimentary comments from delgates who enjoyed your presentation.  We have also received extremely positive feedback from the delegates who have already completed the questionnaire.  I would therefore like to thank you sincerely for the professional contribution that you made to this year's ARLA Conference and for your part in the success of the event.

ARLA Operations Manager

Speaker topics can include:

  • Consider the factors that contribute to the success of ideas.
  • Discuss how they can be successfully implemented.
  • Cultivate a culture of seeding more ideas that work.
  • Proactively communicate those ideas every time to ensure success.
  • Defining what constitutes a genius idea.
  • Discover how they can be created.
  • Learn to recognise the thoughts that are worthy of serious consideration.
  • This talk is a breath of fresh air, and renewed energy for progress.
  • Explore the process of communication.
  • Consider how it plays a role in bringing these ideas to fruition.
  • Delve into the aspects of those ideas and present them in a clear, concise manner.
  • Effectively convey the essence of your innovation to persuade and gain support.
  • Love, hate, or fear AI, it’s here and we have to learn to use it.
  • The human brain is astonishing, and we can learn to improve the way we work with it.
  • Explore the unconscious mind to reveal hidden messages.
  • Then convey these to the world – once validated of course!
  • Raise self-awareness about unconscious bias.
  • Understand why it’s a notoriously difficult belief system, simply because it is normal.
  • Recognise that we can take responsibility for this by-product of brain efficiency.
  • Thus, improving how we interact with others and be prepared for the future of work.
  • If you’ve ever wondered what the last frontier looks like, it’s the conundrum of consciousness.
  • It’s guaranteed to drive you to distraction, but oh so satisfying to find out more.
  • Mysteries abound, minds open, curiosity leads to seeing a much bigger world.
  • This presentation is perfect to relieve the intensity of core conference topics and leave people with huge food for thought that they will talk about for a long time.

These titles are a guideline for what Lynda can offer, either as a 45-minute speaking slot, breakout session or half day workshop. Bespoke talks, workshops, Lunch and Learn, and conference panellist opportunities are also available upon request.

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