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Introducing Dr Lynda Shaw

Dr Lynda Shaw’s illustrative career and experience spanning 25+ years is what makes her a leader in neuroscience and communication. She’s a tried and tested entrepreneur, with three businesses under her belt, and she holds a doctorate in applied behavioural neuroscience, specialising in unconscious processing, emotion, and communication.

Lynda is also an author, professional speaker, and mentor, alongside working with senior leaders and their teams in STEM industries to better communicate their ideas. She focuses on enabling better business relationships, that can help support increased funding and investment opportunities, all whilst spreading their genius to the outside world – something we badly need!

In addition to being Past President of the Professional Speaking Association UK&I, Lynda holds the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence, has been a prominent guest lecturer at the University of Cambridge and is the founder of Brain & Behaviour Ltd. This includes Brain and Behaviour Mastery, designed to help professionals use applied neuroscience successfully in their work, and The Growing Through Consciousness Academy, an alliance for people who want to understand the world of consciousness.

Most importantly, Dr Lynda Shaw has a real passion and joy for demonstrating how applied neuroscience can make us better in business, and in the world in general. She strives to be informative, fun, and extremely practical in everything she does.

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