The science of creating and communicating successful genius ideas.

More than ever before, better communication in business is proven to improve success.

Long-winded processes kill innovation and stifle creative minds. Whilst we need some processes, what we really need is to get back to encouraging ideas, building stronger business relationships, stimulating innovation, and developing our communications skills. In doing so, you hand your people the keys to contribute to business success, creating a better future for everyone.

Are you a Senior Executive, team leader, genius, or work in STEM? Dr Lynda Shaw can help you to keep hold of talent, diversify successfully and work towards a forward-thinking business.

How? Well, that depends on the problem you want to solve…

Conference Speaking: stimulate new ways of thinking, enthuse, and motivate.

Masterclass Workshops: deliver hands-on practice to help you develop new ideas.

Genius Mentoring: ongoing support to unleash your effective ideas.

Masterclass Workshops: help you to recognise the potential of your ideas and develop them further.

Genius Mentoring: supports you to bring your relevant unconscious thoughts to fruition.

Conference Speaking: learn how to validate your ideas, without alienating.

Masterclass Workshops: practice strategies to take constructive feedback, validation, and support.

Genius Mentoring: work on how to plan and execute your ideas and gather supporters.

Conference Speaking: build enthusiasm on getting your message out there.

Masterclass Workshops: develop your skills in speaking, presenting, and learning to communicate in ways that will help you to be understood.

Genius Mentoring: understand and develop your natural ways of communicating with ease.

Conference Speaking: keep enthusiasm going and your project on track.

Masterclass Workshops: learn to sustain support by rethinking and restoring.

Genius Mentoring: you’ve come this far, it’s time to keep going – you can do this!

Conference Speaking: learn to work with unconscious bias and make sure it helps rather than hinders the future of work.

Masterclass Workshops: innovation is a core strength needed for forward thinking and is therefore at the centre for success which needs to embrace diversity and inclusion to ensure business continuity. A successful future relies upon this.

Online Programmes: Learning about real neuroscience gives you a huge advantage in business. Either with just the videos or the full programmes, you will get the inside track into why your colleagues, employees, clients, and customers do what they do. Not only is it fascinating, but it will also give you the tools to support others better.

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    Neuroscience holds the key to better relationships

    Once one gets it, others will get it too. The impact on work and indeed life can be profound. Banish toxicity, create empathy, motivate everyone, revitalise your genius and most of all develop a culture of relationships and collaborative behaviour.
    Now there’s a thought.

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